Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom......

So today (Feb. 7th) is my mother’s birthday…again…seems like just a few months ago I was celebrating her special day here in Thailand last year….

Where does the time fly ?!.....

It is already the 3rd birthday I have spent with her now being in her new special home- I miss her terribly but also feel her love deep within my heart. She is always near.

Her birthday is a great reminder of what a legacy love can leave behind….she has touched not only my life but also so many people who were fortunate to cross her bright path. ….

In her honor, I bicycled 10 miles to a Buddhist temple and lit 7 candles…..(7 was her lucky number)….Purple was also her favorite color and I was so happy to see that there were purple orchids in the vases next to the candles…these were the flowers I always “leid” her with when she visited Hawaii…I was happy to see them here for I sense she also saw them as well …and smiled…..

I also was reminded of how I would always see and follow my mom as a child into churches where she would inevitably light candles for her mother and father…she was consistent in this habit wherever she traveled and I was witness to many a candle-lighting ritual…I didn’t quite understand the profundity in this ritual while growing up yet I would always mimic her, cross myself and say a prayer to my relatives who had passed on- it just seemed the “proper” thing to do.

As I got older, the ritual of lighting candles became more meaningful for me…

and now, it seems like I have come full circle with this process for today I lit candles for my mom ….and it felt right….to the core of my heart.

I do not think my tears will ever stop shedding my sadness of her being gone; but I do know my love for her and all that she gave to me in her lifetime will forever grow….

This, I know for sure….

Happy Birthday Mom……you are missed and loved.

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