Friday, January 30, 2009

and let all the people say "Amen"....

According to the Webster dictionary, the word “amen” is an expression used at the end of prayers, and means:” So be it”.

At the end of a creed, it is a solemn asseveration of belief. When it introduces a declaration, it is equivalent to "truly, verily."

Another definition of the word says it is an expression “to approve warmly, to concur in heartily or emphatically; to ratify; as,
"I say Amen to all !" "

Lastly, I found an “esoteric” definition of Amen which means "who brings forth the hidden forms of things, the eternal workman, embodying the primitive ideas, is Wisdom,the author of being, the source of all life ... Goodness.”

Today the word "Amen "came in the form of a 5-year old Muslim boy at the foot of my balcony …A bit shy at first, Amen looked at me for a few moments as I sat and had my usual morning cup of coffee.

He has walked by my bungalow at this time for weeks now but has never stopped…until this morning..

Amen just stopped dead in his tracks this time, looked up at me , a bit seriously at first and within seconds he was smiling and making silly poses for me. And then, without a moment's notice, he proceeded to walk right up to my balcony, and made his way calmly into my little plastic white chair.

He then proceeded to carry on a conversation with me, all in Thai.

We didn’t know much of each other’s language (at all) but for the next 20 minutes, I laughed and loved from the very bottom of my gut with this most beautiful and playful young child. We hugged, gave each other high-five’s, took pictures of each other and just giggled a heck of a lot…Amen also seemed to have a particular affection for sitting upside down in chairs and talking at the same time..he didnt even blink a second as he just slid with his head over the edge of the plastic white seat and proceeded to talk to me, as if there was nothing wierd or strange about what he was doing.

I even showed Amen the pictures and video clip I took of him. He was absolutely fascinated . I think this may have been the very first time he has seen himself on film. What a wonderful moment to be a witness of.

Amen continued to walk right into my bungalow, had a look around, picked up some things off my floor and even was courteous enough to gently close my closet door with a special wooden latch I had never taken notice of before.

And then, without a word, he quietly walked out my door, waved good-bye , and strolled away, back to his little wooden home down the little dirt path to his wonderful little world of being a five-year old kid.

You, my dear open-hearted child, is what goodness to me is all about..


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