Monday, February 09, 2009

you know you are having a good day when..

you get a flat tire right directly in front of a motorbike/tire repair shop !

and the strange thing is, is that I was sensing something was wrong with my tire for a few days now and had been stopping and checking every few hours but everything seemed just fine (a strong hunch/premonition perhaps ?)

I even had the thought in my head that " strange that I have never gotten a flat tire with all the riding that I have done here in the past few years..and how frustrating it would be to get one out in the middle of nowhere here.."

This thought had been heavily in my mind all week...

So when I heard a loud "snap, crackle, and POP" coming out from below my bike today and saw a long strip of rubber dragging out from behind my back wheel, I knew almost immediately what had just happened...and as I looked up to the left of me, lo and behold was a tire repair shop just a few feet away from me...and yes, a handful of mechanics and local shop owners were calmly sitting there, just smiling and laughing at my 'good fortune'...I even joked with them that they purposely put nails on the road in front of their shop just to get business !..(.I think they got my joke...)

so be careful what you think (as thoughts often come true) but also be so very thankful when synchronicity is working at its finest and you know you are exactly at the right place at the right time.....

ah, oh yes, my motorbike's license plate is #7, that's lucky number...always has been, always will be ...

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