Tuesday, January 24, 2006

back in the swing of things...

Still in Chiang Mai....I plan now on being here till the end of February. I like the idea of staying in one place right now and making myself fit in more with the local community.

I am recovering from the shock of my little "incident" from a couple of days ago....I think the shock really hit me yesterday as I found myself staring down every motorcycle that rode past me - I don't like this feeling but it probably is a very normal one to have after being hurt by one..However, after a great night of laughter and live music with freinds here last night, I am feeling much better (and safer.) I am so lucky to already have a wonderfully supportive group of friends here.

I am going to take a 4 hour ride to the north of Thailand tomorrow to a very idyllic mountainside town called Pai. It is quite the adventurous ride up there (curvy roads for 4 hours !!) and plan on taking a few Dramamine with me. :)

I just found out my good friends Roz and John from Hawaii will be visiting here in Chaing Mai in a few weeks....this has made me very happy as I have been feeling a bit homesick these past few days...I think having my pursed snatched from me the other night just sent me into this sort of sad feeling for a bit...but like I said, I am better today...going to go join a local gym, start taking Qi Jong and Yoga classes and continue with my HPU teaching as well....

I have a new cell number !! from US: 011-66-1-029-7677
It would be great if someone could make a quick call to say hi or even send a text message as I still dont know if my phone works yet !!

Okay, I am off to get a massage as my body was a bit traumatized from my fall the other night....thank goodness, I am in the land of "massage on every corner"....

p.s. I went to go get a USB cord for my camera today and just found out they sold me the wrong one ! urgh....it will be a couple more days for pics....so sorry....

Sawatdee Ka !!

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Cathy said...

Hello, my friend! Always thinking of you and sending you lots of Love and Light!

Sorry to hear about your motorcycle mugging - Glad to hear, though, that you are ok

I love reading your info every couple of days - Look forward to hearing more soon

Love always, Cathy